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When the subject of boilers comes up, Viessmann is the brand that usually gets mentioned first. With performance and efficiency at the very heart of their design process, the quality is second to none. Viessmann is one of the largest boiler manufacturers in Europe. Over the last few years, Viessmann has been growing in popularity in the England markets – particularly in North London.

From entry-level boilers in 1917 to their most advanced home heating systems technologies, Viessmann has become the go-to brand in the boiler market.

Viessmann boiler repairs

The Viessmann Group may well be at the top of their game in the boiler world, but that does not mean that they are indestructible. From time to time they can break down, just like everything can. Even though the brand is growing in popularity in North London, including Whetstone and Totteridge, there is something of a shortage of repair companies that are qualified to work on Viessmann boilers.

If you are in North London, Whetstone or Totteridge and you have a Viessmann boiler, then we have you covered. Quantum Gas Engineering, covering your area, has been working with Viessmann boilers since we first started operating.

This means we have a collective of 30+ years of experience in their mechanical layout and design, and we can say with confidence that if a Viessmann boiler has broken down, our engineers can fix it.

Call Quantum Gas Engineering on 0203 633 2322, to book a call out or to have a chat with us about our repair services or any other of our services.

Maintenance of Viessmann boilers in North London


For any boiler, regardless of brand, at maximum efficiency, it has to be taken care of correctly. Regular maintenance is going to keep any machine in top working order, this applies to your boiler just as much as anything else.

Ensuring that your Viessmann boiler is well maintained, well looked after, is going to go a very long way in making sure that it keeps running for many years to come.

Here at Quantum Gas Engineering, we provide comprehensive, professional and highly detailed servicing for all models of Viessmann boilers. Give us a call today, on 0203 633 2322 to book a time slot that best suits you.

New boiler installs

If you require a new install for whatever reason (maybe your current boiler has broken down beyond repair, it’s too old, you’ve bought a property and there is no system in place yet…) then a Viessmann boiler is going to be ideal for you.

Viessman boilers are exceptionally efficiently, energy-saving, compatible with existing equipment and are smart equipment friendly… You would have to think of reasons not to get one.

With Quantum Gas Engineering, you will always receive open and honest advice about the boiler that would work best in your particular situation. This includes the heating ability of the boiler for the style of your home, to the price point – if a cheaper model will do the same job, we aren’t going to recommend a dearer one; integrity is everything here at QGE.

When you call us, you will always find a friendly member of our dedicated customer service team. Whatever your boiler-related enquiry is, they are more than happy to answer and explain. Got another question, about any of our many other services? Give us a call!

We are always more than happy to help, and we love talking to and helping people – so why wait any longer for that repair, installation or anything else that you may need a hand with? Call us today on 0203 633 2322.

Will you save energy by replacing your boiler?

Current estimations suggest that you would be able to save as much as 1,220g of carbon dioxide (CO2), every year, by making the move to a more energy-efficient efficient boiler such as a Viessmann.

Quantum Gas Engineering engineers are proud to be able to call themselves experts in all things Viessmann, at least when it comes to their boilers, so should you have any queries at all about this brand of boiler just give us a call.

To book an installation give us a call on 0203 633 2322, we can’t wait for your call and we would love to chat with you and start helping you to save money, and energy.

Get your boiler serviced

A properly maintained and serviced boiler is important in keeping it in tip-top condition, and also for safety. Your boiler may well be developing an issue right now that you are not able to see.

During a service, tests and checks are performed that will give your engineer notice of any issues and problems that might occur. These problems are normally easily corrected if they are not left too long.

Don’t leave things too late to check your boiler and central heating system, do it before it gets too cold. If you are not sure that your boiler is going to last, call us out today before it gets worse.

Is your boiler ready for winter 2021?

Give us a call or drop us a message if you are not sure about anything, or to book a visit from one of our expert engineers.

Quantum Gas Engineering Ltd. Are Accredited Viessmann installers.

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