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Viessmann Combi Boiler

A gas combination boiler (combi boiler) is a single unit that combines an efficient water heater with a central heating boiler. The Viessmann combi boiler range is designed for energy efficiency – as all the boilers from Viessmann are – and what this means is that by choosing a combi boiler from Viessmann, you will be saving on energy bills whilst simultaneously helping the environment.

All Viessmann combi boilers are rated ‘A’ for energy efficiency

Few boiler manufacturers can claim that all their combi boilers are rated ‘A’ for energy efficiency, but Viessmann can. Using the latest in heating technology, these boilers can not only help you save money on your energy bills, but they are eco-friendly too.

A household name, the company is the current market leader in the UK for its domestic boiler range. There is however a strong contender nipping at its heels and gaining ground year on year.

Understanding how combi boilers work

A combination boiler can provide both hot water and heating for the home, on-demand. This means that these compact units can heat water when needed, rather than heating then storing it. What this means is the boiler does not need a separate hot water storage tank.
They can also be easy and fast to install, this is because there are fewer external components to install, as compared with alternative systems.

Combi boilers are connected to the mains water supply and are always on standby. When a hot water tap is turned on, the water is heated through a heat exchanger – this gives you hot water when you need it, as opposed to constantly heating water and wasting energy.
Additionally, because they don’t need a water tank they free up a little extra space in your home – ideal in smaller properties.

Modern combi boilers, Viessmann boilers in particular are very good with this, are designed to be as energy-efficient as the manufacturer can make them. The result of highly efficient systems is that more of the money you spend on energy goes into heating your home – which in the end means you use the heating less, which saves energy and money at the same time.

What are the benefits of a Viessmann combi boiler?

If you choose a Viessmann, over a boiler from another manufacturer, you are choosing the very highest standards in terms of performance and value. Viessmann boilers, not just combination boilers, are extremely energy-efficient and can convert up to 98% of the gas they use into useable heat. Again, this helps to lower your energy bills long-term and they help reduce your overall carbon footprint.

Viessman combi boilers have been designed and manufactured with the latest ‘smart technology’ in mind. This allows their boilers to be controlled from wherever you happen to be. This is handy because you can heat your home while still travelling so your home is toasty for when you get there. It also means you can make sure you haven’t left the heating on while you are out.

Of course, Viessmann boilers have other benefits too, such as:

● They are compact, making them ideal for smaller homes
● Just one unit needs to be installed to deliver hot water to radiators and taps
● They remove the need for a separate cold water tank, hot water cylinder and a separate pump
● These units are faster and easier to install because there are fewer external components when compared to other boiler heating systems
● Hot water is delivered at mains pressure
● The risk of cold water pipework freezing in your loft (or other normally cold space)
● They can adapt to heating demands ‘on the fly’, so they don’t keep switching on or off
● Comprehensive 5-year warranty, or 10-year if installed by us (ask for details)

If you are in the market for a new boiler, there is every reason to purchase Viessmann – and no reason not to. Get in touch with us today for a free, zero-obligation quote.

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