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Viessmann boiler installation in North London

Quantum Gas Engineering are the first choice in expert boiler installations for North London. Our fully qualified, helpful and friendly Gas Safe registered engineers will install and test your new Viessmann boiler quickly, professionally and safely.

A quick rundown:

● Local servicing in North London and surrounding
● 24/7 emergency contact
● Up to 10-year warranties

Quantum Gas Engineering are on hand to guide you through the process of buying a new boiler for your home – from start to finish – you won’t be left on your own, not knowing which boiler is best for you.

We have a range of Viessmann boilers to choose from, and the best thing is that they are all energy-efficient, eco-friendly and kind to the wallet. The differences between them are where we will be able to help you as each is more suited for a particular type of home than another.
Giving us a call or completing the contact form will put you in touch with an expert and we can get the ball rolling, together. Get in touch, and we can see we can work together to find the best Viessmann boiler for your individual needs and requirements.

New Viessmann boiler installations in North London


Our Gas Safe registered boiler technicians have 30 years of experience in this industry and they have never scored lower than 5-star reviews. This means that when you choose Quantum Gas Engineers, you can be assured that you are going to receive the very best in professional service as is possible.

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If after speaking with us you are still unsure as to which boiler best fits your needs and requirements, we can send an engineer to your property to conduct a survey to help. The survey could very well prove invaluable as the engineer will be able to see from your existing system, and the size of your property, just which boiler is best for you.

You could save money by replacing your existing boiler

It is almost certain that you will be able to save money on your fuel bills by replacing your existing boiler with a Viessmann boiler. The data below has been extrapolated, and ever so slightly modified, from information published by the Energy Saving Trust:

Current boiler efficiency rating and estimated annual saving:

● G (lower than 70%): £300
● F (70 – 74%): £200
● E (74 – 78%): £150
● D (78 – 82%): £105

The information above is derived from comparing those ratings to the installation of a new A-rated Viessmann boiler in a gas-heated, semi-detached house with three bedrooms. It is an estimation, but it is clear that there are savings to be had – and because Viessmann boilers use less fuel, they are kinder for the environment too.

Will you save energy by replacing your boiler?

Current estimations suggest that you would be able to save as much as 1,220g of carbon dioxide (CO2), every year, by making the move to a more energy-efficient efficient boiler such as a Viessmann.

Quantum Gas Engineering engineers are proud to be able to call themselves experts in all things Viessmann, at least when it comes to their boilers, so should you have any queries at all about this brand of boiler just give us a call.

To book an installation give us a call on 0203 633 2322, we can’t wait for your call and we would love to chat with you and start helping you to save money, and energy.

Get your boiler serviced

A properly maintained and serviced boiler is important in keeping it in tip-top condition, and also for safety. Your boiler may well be developing an issue right now that you are not able to see.

During a service, tests and checks are performed that will give your engineer notice of any issues and problems that might occur. These problems are normally easily corrected if they are not left too long.

Don’t leave things too late to check your boiler and central heating system, do it before it gets too cold. If you are not sure that your boiler is going to last, call us out today before it gets worse.

Is your boiler ready for winter 2021?

Give us a call or drop us a message if you are not sure about anything, or to book a visit from one of our expert engineers.

Quantum Gas Engineering Ltd. Are Accredited Viessmann installers.

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