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In short a plumber is for appliance to do with abolition such as showers, sinks, Wc’s and drains.

professional Heating engineers, on the other hand, only work with heating and gas appliances.

Why Use A Heating Engineer?

They Are ‘Gas Safe’ Tradesmen
Repairing a heating system often involves working with gas boilers . This means you will need a repairman who has the training necessary to safely install, repair, and maintain gas pipework and gas boilers.

A Gas safe heating engineer means they be on the Gas Safe register. Gas Safe is an industry body that records the details of tradesmen who have the necessary qualifications and training to work with gas safely.

Using a properly trained heating engineer means you won’t have to worry about the tradesmen incorrectly installing or repairing your heating system in a way that leads further issues, poor repairs or even a potentially dangerous gas leak.

Finding one that has had great trading is the issue, particularly on vey large homes.
Some Heating Engineers will Have Manufacturer Accreditations
Many boiler manufacturers run accreditation programs for heating engineers. These programs involve heating engineers undergoing additional training to improve their knowledge of that specific manufacturer’s products.

Once they are satisfied of an engineer’s knowledge they receive accreditation.
Using an accredited installer provides two important benefits for consumers. The first is that you know the engineer is experienced with products from a specific manufacturer and will do a great job when they install or repair that type of boiler.

Secondly, some manufacturers offer extended guarantees when you use an accredited installer. This type of extended warranty will not be available when using a plumber.

Heating Engineers Specialise In Heating Systems
This means a heating engineer spends much more time working on heating systems. Their day is spent cleaning flues, changing magnetic filters, testing gas lines and performing other critical tasks. This gives them much more detailed knowledge of boilers and heating systems in general and how to diagnose issues and repair them

A heating engineer can take care of any issue relating to your heating system. Some of the many tasks they can perform include installing new boilers, repairing boilers, fixing gas leaks, testing the quality of your gas supply, changing radiators, measuring CO emissions, cleaning flues, installing new heating controls, performing a heating system power flush, and much more.
Regardless of the issue that your heating system is experiencing or the new feature you want to add, they can handle it.

So, When Can You Use A Plumber?
Plumbing is an unregulated trade, however you can do formal apprenticeship and gain great qualifications so finding a good one is a problem. Most plumbers are somewhat of a jack of all trades. They can install a toilet, dig a drainage trench, change a washer, fix a leaky pipe, install water pipes, bathrooms and much more.
include unblocking drains, fixing water pipes, installing washing machines or dishwashers, adding new showers or toilets, unblocking sinks and so on.
If an issue that only involves water, waste water or sewerage, they should be your first port of call. But if you want to change your heating system or repair a problem, always call a heating engineer first.

Some Plumbers Aren’t Qualified
Many tradesmen advertise themselves as being ‘plumbers’. However, a significant number of these tradesmen don’t have formal plumbing qualifications. They are simply handymen who have some experience working with plumbing systems.
If you one of these under qualified plumbers works on your heating system, they are more likely to make a mistake when installing or repairing it. This might impact how efficiently your heating system runs or affect its reliability. In the worst case scenario, it might lead to a catastrophic failure.

Quantum Gas Engineering use technicians that are formally trained, are accredited by boiler manufactures and have his level experience in the manufacture and design of gas and heating appliances, including working 1-1 with the European manufactures.

Quantum Gas Engineering Ltd. Are Accredited Viessmann installers.

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