Viessmann vitodens 050-w

New for 2021, the compact and superb Vitodens 050-W

The compact size, low weight and whisper-quiet operation of the Vitodens 050-W makes this attractively priced gas condensing boiler an ideal choice. This gas condensing boiler integrates into any living space without any compromise on quality.

A feature-packed condensing boiler

With many high-grade qualities to choose from, we have listed the standout features here.

● Up to 10 years warranty available
● Highly compact design – it can fit inside a kitchen cupboard
● Domestic Hot Water (DHW) ratings of 3.2 to 30 kW are available
● Hydrogen ready
● Low CO2 output
● Touchscreen LED display
● Optional ViCare Thermostat (for no third-party controls)
● Integral instant water heater

These features alone make these boilers ideal as a replacement system or for installation in new build homes or renovation projects.

Key benefits

● A Wifi interface now included as standard
● The WiFi interface allows the system to connect to the internet if required
● An Internet connection allows the system to be monitored by your local heating engineer

Compatible with the ViCarw Thermostat

● User-friendly, wireless smart room thermostat
● Use the smartphone application to set room temperature and heating schedules
● The boiler can be controlled via the LED touchscreen display or the ViCare app

The LED display on the control panel provides all the information the user could need and is easily distinguishable by the simple and easy to understand display.

Smart heating for your home with ViCare

The ViCare Thermostat and smartphone companion app are optional but recommended additions. Used together, you are able to fully optimise your heating environment while saving energy – from the palm of your hand, whether you are home or not.
The ViCare Thermostat allows for easy control of your heating and hot water systems via the ViCare smartphone app.

Up to 10 years guarantee

The Vitodens 050-W condensing boiler comes with a comprehensive 3-year warranty ‘out of the box’. This can be extended by up to 7 years if installed by a Viessmann trained installer.

Viessmann, the manufacturer of the Vitodens 050-W, specialise in competitively priced, wall-mounted gas condensing boilers with proven quality and track record.

The Vitodens 050-W condensing boiler comes with two Domestic Hot Water (DHW) output ratings (3.2 KW to 30 KW), as a combi boiler with an instantaneous water heater.

There is also an electronic control unit for its thermostatic mode. A weather compensated mode is integrated into the boiler, together with a frost stat.

An optional external temperature sensor is also available as an accessory.

Compact and whisper-quiet

The Vitodens 050-W has an especially low level of operating noise. The components of the boiler are accessible from the front – this helps with maintenance and ease of service.

With a height of just 700 mm (27.5 inches), the Vitodens 050-W is one of the most compact boilers of its type on the market.

It is these compact dimensions that make the Vitodens 050-W boilers ideal to replace old and outdated heating systems, or for new build homes or in multi-floor buildings. Up to 5 boilers, over 5 different floors, can connect to just one vertical flue system.

Introducing the stainless steel Inox-Radial heat exchanger and cylinder burner

A superb quality, stainless steel heat exchanger efficiently converts fuel into heat.

The efficiency of the heat exchanger is such that it converts up to 97% of supplied fuel into heat.
This level of efficiency means you spend far less, compared to older boilers, on your fuel bill – saving your wallet and helping the environment in one go.

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