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New Boiler: How Long Does It Take To Fit?

How long a boiler is going to take to fit is going to depend a great deal on the existing boiler system in your home and what system you are purchasing to replace it.

If it is a standard, straightforward boiler swap (for example, a combination boiler being replaced by another combination boiler) then the fitting is easier and will normally be completed in a day. This is largely because the majority of the pipework is already in place (assuming it is in good condition and does not need to be replaced). You may also need a new condense pipe run and a gas upgrade. Any potential requirements like this would be picked up on during a survey.

Some installations can take a little longer


If the new system is having a power flush then the entire installation is going to take 2 days. The flush itself takes a day, but don’t worry – you will not be left without hot water or central heating overnight. This also applies to a heat-only boiler and system boiler swap out.
In the event that you are having the system converted from a gravity-fed boiler setup (this is with a cylinder and tank(s) in the loft) then this can take between 2 and 4 days. This estimate will depend on the number of engineers present on the job.
If the cylinder is being swapped out or removed, then you may have to allow for an extra day’s work on the job, in addition to the time taken for the boiler installation.
Depending on how well they’ve been maintained, serviced and generally looked after, and how much they have been used over time, boilers tend to have a lifespan of 10 to 15 years (our warranties last up to 10 years).
If your current boiler has been in service for some time, then your replacement could need more modern heating controls (Smart Controls) installed in order for the system to work.

Other factors can influence how long it takes for a new boiler installation

Other factors that can have an impact on the time scales of boiler replacements include:

• Is the new boiler going in the same spot as the old one? – Moving boiler locations will take longer. This is because the pipework will have to be rerouted. This rerouting will add to the cost as well as the time scale of the job.

• Does the flu need to go through the roof? – if the flu goes, or needs to go, through your roof space, then this is going to add time to the job. Extra labour, and possibly scaffolding too, will have to be taken into consideration, in terms of costs.

• Is the existing installation a condensing boiler? – if the current boiler is not of the condensing flavour, then you will have to run a pipe from the new boiler to a drain. It is a good idea to keep the condense pipe on the inside of the property in order to avoid possible freezing.

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