Is your boiler ready for 2021?

Is Your Boiler Ready For Winter 2021?

Winter, as they say, is coming and you need to be sure that your boiler is in full health and ready for the chilly months ahead. Boilers, and indeed central heating systems as a whole, have a lot of different components. When not in use these components can fail.

You don’t want your heating to fail right when you need it, so it is important to check it before it is needed.

Making sure your heating is ready


With mornings starting to get a little cooler, this is the time to give your boiler and your heating system a morning workout. Turn it on when you get up, even if it is just for 30 minutes, to get some heat running through the system.

If your heating comes on and is working, check your radiators. If they are cold at the top, there is some trapped air. This can be vented with something called a bleed key.

While bleeding, or venting your radiators you should let the system heat for a minimum of an hour and the bigger the heating system in your home, the more time it will take to heat up.

What if your heating system won’t come on?


If your boiler won’t work in central heating ‘mode’, you don’t have to panic – it is not yet cold enough where it absolutely has to be on; you have some time. This is why you are checking it now, to give yourself ample time to get it fixed and back up and running.

These things are very often relatively simple to fix and your local engineer will most likely be able to fix the issue there and then. If a part is needed, the sooner you have it sorted out the better.

If your boiler is on the older side and unreliable

Buying a new boiler is not always up there with ‘things you think about’, and let’s be honest everyone would prefer to spend that cash on something fun-filled instead. Boilers are the hardest working bit of kit your house though, and it’s because of this that it’s important to make sure that it is efficient and reliable.

If you suspect your boiler is on its way out, get some quotes

Depending on your existing setup, and whatever the new boiler is to be, a new installation can take between 1 and 4 days. When it is warmer, installation times don’t really matter but when winter hits you have a few days without heating.

Buying a new boiler is also going to give you immense peace of mind when we install your boiler for you. QSE has over 30 years of experience, and we offer warranties that last up to 10 years.

Get your boiler serviced

A properly maintained and serviced boiler is important in keeping it in tip-top condition, and also for safety. Your boiler may well be developing an issue right now that you are not able to see.

During a service, tests and checks are performed that will give your engineer notice of any issues and problems that might occur. These problems are normally easily corrected if they are not left too long.

Don’t leave things too late to check your boiler and central heating system, do it before it gets too cold. If you are not sure that your boiler is going to last, call us out today before it gets worse.

Is your boiler ready for winter 2021?

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