Vitonden 111-w boiler

Introducing the Vitodens 111-W

A high-performance, hydrogen ready, wall-mounted storage boiler, the Vitodens 111-W is compact, reliable and fast. This storage boiler is perfect for a family home that has a high demand for hot water.

With a Cylinder Loading System (CLS) and a 46-litre, integrated stainless water storage tank, the Vitodens 111-W can fill a standard-sized bathtub in as little as 8 minutes – while simultaneously supplying water to a sink or washbasin.

Key features of the Vitodens 111-W

The Vitodens 111-W has many great features that make it stand out in this class of boilers. We’ve listed the more striking features for you here, to make the decision process that little easier for you.

● Cylinder Loading System (CLS) with an integrated, stainless steel water tank
● High hot water capability of over 18 litres per minute
● The boiler is available in outputs from 3.2 to 32 KW
● Performance equivalent to 150L cylinder
● 5-year guarantee, out of the box, with the option to extend by another 7 years
● Hydrogen ready (H2 20% blend)
● Low CO2 output
● LED touchscreen for user-friendly, easy operation
● Optional ViCare Thermostat

Key benefits of the Vitodens 111-W

Lots of excellent features are excellent, naturally, but you need actual benefits too if you are going to be able to make a fully informed decision. What are the benefits of the Vitodens 111-W?

WiFi Inside

● The Vitodens range now has a WiFi interface as standard
● The interface can connect the heating system directly to the internet if needed
● 3rd party controls are not needed with the optional ViCare Thermostat

Optional ViCare Thermostat

● The ViCare displays the current operating status
● Enables smartphone control of hot water and heating
● ViCare allows the system to be monitored remotely by your local heating engineer

Hot water storage

The Vitodens 111-W comes fully equipped with a Cylinder Loading System (CLS) and a 46-litre, integrated stainless steel, water storage tank that can deliver more than 18 litres of water a minute.

18 litres a minute is enough to fill a standard-sized bath in just 8 minutes.

Minimalist touchscreen

A wall-mounted, gas condensing boiler, the Vitodens 111-W can be controlled using the all-new LED touchscreen or the ViCare smartphone app.

LED display of the new electronic control panel shows 7 different pieces of information. Each of these is distinguished by very simple and easy to understand operations. This is helped by the discreet ‘black panel’ aesthetic.

5-year product guarantee

The Vitodens 111-W gas condensing boiler comes with a comprehensive 5-year guarantee as standard, and there is an option to extend this by a further 7 years.

The improved modulation of the Vitodens 111-W

The modulating ratio over the whole output range is up to 1:10. This ratio makes the Vitodens 111-W boilers ideal for smaller flats, apartments and well-insulated buildings.
An additional benefit is that the user will experience fewer start-ups of the appliance, and therefore lower operating noise. Also, because of the fewer start-ups, there is a much lower level of stress placed on the appliance and so the service life of individual components is extended.

In short, the Vitodens 111-W is a wall-mounted, gas condensing boiler with an integral cylinder for the highest in Domestic Hot Water (DHW) convenience.

This new, wall-mounted boiler is controlled by the all-new ‘black panel’ touchscreen, which is easy to use, and easy to read in the dark if needed.

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