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Viessmann 100 Boiler Installation in Primrose Hill

As a leading boiler installers in Primrose Hill and North London, we receive many phone calls from homeowners each week, asking us “Which boiler is best for our home?”. We respond to this question with several questions of our own, to determine your heating requirements and personal preferences.

It’s important to understand that there is no “no one size fits all” solution. Each client must go through a process to identify the perfect boiler for their home. It isn’t just about the size of the home or your budget, it’s also about your family’s home life and your preferences.

Here is some more information to help you find the perfect boiler for your Primrose Hill or North London home. For more information, give us a call on 0203 633 2322.

Work With A Reputable Boiler Installer

Quantum Gas Engineering is one of the most popular boiler installers in Primrose Hill and North London. Our engineers have decades of combined experience and unrivalled technical knowledge. They will ensure that your new boiler is efficient, safe, and functioning correctly.

Unlike some other boiler installation companies in Primrose Hill and North London, we are always 100% honest when discussing boilers with our clients. We aren’t biased towards any particularly brand or model. Our goal is to simply identify the best product for the client’s unique set of requirements.

We work closely with our clients as we guide them through the boiler selection process, finding a product that is suitable for their budget, usage, and home layout.

How Much Will A New Boiler Cost?

Cost is a significant deciding factor for most homeowners when they are comparing boilers. However, it’s important to note that the initial purchase price is only one aspect of the cost.

In many cases, running costs can be more important than the price of a boiler, as they quickly accumulate when the boiler is in use. This means that it is often better to spend more on a boiler if it is particularly energy efficient, as it will save money over the long run.

The final cost to consider is installation. If are placing your new boiler in a location that does not have any pipework, or requires additional pipework, it will be more expensive. If you are simply replacing an existing boiler with a ‘like-for-like’ option, it will be a much simpler installation, which means it will be cheaper.

Whenever installing a new boiler, it’s important to obtain several quotes. There can be a huge difference between the prices offered by sole proprietors and local businesses compared to large nation-wide companies. In most cases, local business will offer a better price and better after-installation assistance than a large corporation.

When choosing a boiler installer in Primrose Hill or North London, be sure to check their reviews and testimonials. After all, there’s no point choosing a low cost provider if they install the boiler incorrectly, damage your property, or fail to turn up!

Installing a new boiler is a significant investment, so it’s always worth employing a competent installation team with an excellent reputation.

Look At The Boiler’s Warranty

When it comes to warranty, our advice to clients is simple — always go for a product with a longest warranty you can afford. Having a long warranty gives you the certainty that any issues that occur during the warranty coverage period will be fixed.

Long warranties also give you some confidence that the appliance is well made. That’s because manufacturers with only offer long warranties if they are reasonably confident in the quality of their product.

Boiler Installer Accreditations

Some boiler installers will have accreditations with certain boiler manufacturers. This means their engineers have been trained on how to install the models made by that manufacturer.

When you use an accredited installer, you know they are extremely familiar with the product they are installing. Manufacturers sometimes also offer optional extended warranties when a product is installed by an accredited engineer.

Quantum Gas Engineering is an accredited installer for Viessmann, Baxi, and Vaillant boilers. Clients are eligible for optional extended warranties of up to 10 years in duration.

Is The Boiler Easy To Use?

Boilers have come a long way in the past few decades. Manufacturers now offer technologically sophisticated products with features like backlit LED displays and simple-to-use control systems.

Boiler makers like Viessmann even have integrated WiFi in some products, which let users control their home’s heating system from their smartphone. This makes it easy for a homeowner to turn down the heat at will or to put the boiler into standby mode if no one is home.

Some manufacturers are also making their boilers more intelligent through the use of automation. The Vaillant ecoTEC, for example, has intelligent heating technology which detects when there is less demand for heat in your property. It reduces its energy consumption during their periods, which leads to smaller energy bills and reduced carbon emissions.

Thanks for reading. If you need help choosing a new boiler, talk to the friendly team at Quantum Gas Engineering by calling 0203 633 2322. We will help you find the perfect boiler for your Primrose Hill or North London property.

Quantum Gas Engineering Ltd. Are Accredited Viessmann installers.

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