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A Guide to Viessmann Boilers

Viessmann is a family-owned company based in Germany that started life in 1917. Priding itself on quality, the company has gone from being a small heating system provider, to an international concern.

The company has a wide range of boilers to choose from, many of them a part of the Vitodens range. The Vitodens range represents the company’s best selection group of boilers.

The Viessmann boiler

System boilers are better suited for larger homes as these tend to have a higher demand for hot water and a larger heating system.
There are several types of Viessmann boilers, as listed below.

● Mains Gas
● Oil

Viessmann Vitodens 050-W

This model of Vitodens can come as a combi or system boiler. The combi option is suitable for homes with up to three bedrooms and comes with either 29KW and 35KW output flow. A system boiler however might be better for you if your property is bigger.

Viessmann Vitodens 100-W

According to Viessmann, the 100W is its best selling ‘gas condensing boiler’. Both the combi and system versions of this type are affordable, whisper-quite and efficient. This boiler was designed to be long-lasting as well as reliable and cost-effective.

The 100-W is popular in the UK as it is eco-friendly and has easy to use functions.

Viessmann Vitodens 200-W

The 200-W is a combi boiler that combines a reliable water heater with energy-efficient technology. It is a condensing boiler that comes in four output flows – 19KW, 26KW, 30KW and 35KW. It has been rated as ‘A’, which is the highest possible rating meaning it is extremely energy efficient.

Being as energy efficient as it is, the 200-W can help you keep your energy bills down.

Viessmann Vitodens 111-W

The 111-W is high-capacity, wall-mounted, powerful and as such is ideal for the slightly larger home. It also works well for properties with fewer bedrooms but more bathrooms. This boiler is also capable of filling a standard bath in under 10 minutes.

A user-friendly touchscreen makes the whole thing a cinch to use and it can be operated via Wi-Fi – although this is strictly optional.

Viessmann Vitodens 222-F

For those properties that don’t require a system or regular boiler, but are a little large for a combi, the 222-F is perfect. A cutting edge model, with all the latest features, the 222-F can be connected to either the Vitotrol Plus or ViCare apps. This means that your heating engineer will be notified if there is an issue.

It also has a colour touchscreen, a MatriX-Plus burner, stainless steel heat exchanger and it is a space-saving solution for your home.

Benefits of using a Viessmann Boiler

There are lots of benefits to choosing a Viessmann boiler, whichever model you go for, such as:

● Energy efficient
● They offer a range of solar thermal products
● Reliable products from a trusted brand
● Long-lasting – as long as 15 years

Viessmann boilers are an ideal option for many homeowners in the UK. The brand is trusted and respected by homeowners and heating engineers alike.

Viessmann Boiler Warranties

Where boiler warranties are concerned, the ones provided by Viessmann are among the best in the business. The standard terms state that they will fix or replace any parts that fail, for whatever reason, for free and within two years from the date it is delivered.

That said, many of the boiler models come with a 5-year warranty, as opposed to the 2-year version. However, both of these only apply if you buy direct from the company; if you purchase through us, and we install the system for you, then this warranty can be extended to 10-years.

You can contact us today for a free, no-obligation quote. The Viessmann boiler, regardless of brand, is one of the most reliable on the market in the whole of Europe, not just the UK.

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