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St John’s Wood Home Boiler Service and Safety Checks

Your gas boiler is potentially the most expensive single item in your home, but why do we tend to neglect or forget about it?

It works hard every day in winter to provide you central heating and in summer for hot water, be it with a Combi boiler or standard boiler and hot water cylinder.

It works for you just a much as your car does, if not more! Now you would not think of not servicing your car every year or have it checked out if you have to keep topping the oil once a month or if it had trouble starting once a week.

Servicing your central heating gas boiler is just as important, it probably even works harder than your car.

So what’s all the fuss you might ask?

Well first of all gas safety is the highest priority, you don’t want a gas boiler to potentially become a problem as the consequences can be disastrous so having it visually checked and the safety devices confirmed to be working is one part.

The next reason is to check the emissions or called “combustion” in the industry, we need to make sure that the gas is being burnt in the correct manner and that the flue gases are not too high in carbon monoxide or too low in oxygen.

Having the combustion set up correctly each year mean your boiler will maintain its efficiency while burning gas which keeps the gas boiler costs down.

Regularly service your boiler in London

Additionally if you don’t have a central heating boiler service once a year you could not be aware of a small leak which may develop further into a much bigger problem.

We had a client who had gas boiler and central heating cover with a very large firm, unfortunately their idea of a service is to just simply check the emissions and nothing else.

In this case there was a small leak which rusted the internal gas pipe to such a degree it had to be immediately replaced. The leak had also rusted the boiler casing and the panels had come apart, a modern boiler cannot take oxygen from the room and repair was not possible of the case so the boiler had to be completely replaced after only 5 years.

Even just the visual check can be extremely helpful during the service each year to avoid leaking boiler repair costs.

Look after your boiler and it will look after you. Get in touch with our experts to help you service your boiler at home in St John’s Wood

A boiler has consumable parts, no longer does your boiler have a pilot flame to ignite the burner, it’s now all electronic. The spark ignition sends a voltage down a probe to ignite the gas boiler and then another probe confirms to the boiler there is an active flame.

These become warped over time due to thermal stress and need replacing regularly to ensure the boiler ignites every time you want heat or hot water.

Furthermore some boilers require gaskets to be replaced when accessing the main heat exchanger for cleaning or just due to time of duty.

These gaskets are important top prevent the leakage of fumes and heat. It’s vital you have your gas boiler checked out regularly and properly with certification.

Another one of our clients had to call us because of this exact problem, they never had their boiler serviced in 10 years! Unfortunately a gasket failure caused flames to leak out of the burner and onto the internal components and the casing of the boiler. The boiler repair quote was over £950 so the best solution in the case was to replace the boiler and safely to say we have our customers firmly reminded each year of a pending service.

So top sum it all up its vital to service your gas boiler every year to ensure everything is running as it should and that no problems have developed since the last visit and everything run efficiently. This way you prevent having to call out a 24hr boiler repair service or have to consider early gas boiler replacement.

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